Pre/Post Care Instructions
Friendly Reminders
  1. Please come to lash appointment with freshly washed lashes and minimal face makeup. If you need to clean your lashes please arrive early and you may wash before the appointment begins.
  2. Avoid caffeine prior to the appointment to avoid the jitters.
  3. Please spit out gum and remove contacts before lashing appointment (I do
    supply contact solution).
  4. Let’s keep talking to a minimum. This isn’t because I don’t love you, it’s because I DO LOVE YOU! Holding still is so important to be able to efficiently work my magic on your lashes.
  5. Headphones are welcome or you can listen to my music. Whatever you need to help relax you and put you in your element.
  6. Please feel like you can come to hang out! If you are going to be early for the appointment, don’t fret! I offer 1 glass of wine for FREE if you are 21+ before the appointment while you wait.
  7. Let’s TALK full sets: Please make sure you can hold still for the time a full set will take. When I start to feel you getting restless or impatient it starts to make me rush and we don’t want that! Please don’t ask to check your phone or texts. If you ever need to move during the appointment please tell me, I want you as comfortable as you can be especially for a full set.
  8. Use the restroom before we begin.
Post-Appointment Instructions
  • Avoid extreme heat or moisture 24 hours after the lash appointment to ensure everything has cured properly.
  • Avoid getting close to high heat such as
    • opening the oven/BBQ or looking over a pot of boiling water
    • dry high heat and/or lots of moist heat will affect the adhesive and the curl of the lashes. it can also singe the lashes!
    • Use caution when blow-drying hair.
    • Extensive heat on lashes can distort the shape of the extensions.
    • Please be gentle with your lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing, picking, and/or pulling at your extensions and natural lashes. This can cause damage to your natural lashes.
  • Please never use mascara on your lashes or we will have to remove and start
  • Don’t use oil-based eyeliners or eyeshadows on your eyelid.
  • Avoid creams, eye makeup removers, lotions sunscreens, or cleansers
    containing oils on or near your eyelashes. Care must be taken to apply eye cream sparingly with avoidance of the lash line area.
  • Don’t brush lashes until they are dried. If you don’t like wet lashes. A small hand fan will do the trick in seconds. Avoid blow-drying lashes.


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